Skinny Paw: Pure Shampoo. Pure Motives.

When we developed the concept of Skinny Paw, we knew we wanted to create a pure, natural shampoo as gentle as it is tough.  But we also wanted to make sure that our manufacturing process was as pure as our product. That's why we've teamed up with LETS Empower and the Renand Foundation to grow a business that produces a sustainable source of income that will impact the village and the people of Bassin Bleu, Haiti for generations to come.

In Haiti, the economic situation is so difficult that children are often sent by their parents to work as domestic servants. Because jobs are incredibly difficult to find, parents lack the resources to support them.  Many hope that the children will end up with a better life, but the results are often much darker. 


The Renand Foundation has worked for years to sponsor families so they're not forced make this difficult choice.  Both LETS and the Renand Foundation work to empower families to become economically stable, so they can build a better lives for themselves.

When we started exploring ways to make Skinny Paw in a sustainable way, teaming up with LETS and the Renand Foundation made perfect sense. Haitian women will be given an opportunity many only dream of: a job that will allow them to support their family, give their children an education, and build better lives for themselves and their family. 

You can feel good knowing every Skinny Paw bar purchased supports this mission, empowering women in need in the beautiful country of Haiti.

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