Pet shampoo with a heart.

Made with coconut oil and pure essential oils, Skinny Paw cleans and replenishes your pet’s skin and coat naturally without using the artificial ingredients you find in most pet shampoos. But it's not just good for your pet, it's helping women out of poverty in Haiti. 

Kickstart Skinny Paw Now!

Pet Shampoo You can feel good about.

  • Cleanse and Replenish

    The perfect amount of clean: tough enough to battle the dirtiest messes, gentle enough to replenish your pet's skin and coat.

  • Pure Formula

    Our natural formula is made from simple ingredients, not all that junk you find in normal pet shampoos.

  • Clean with a Mission

    We're building a production facility in Haiti to help local women out of poverty.  Feel good about what we make, and how we make it.


Where can I get Skinny Paw?

Skinny Paw will be available for purchase on Kickstarter NOW, and the first 10,000 bars will arrive to your door before Christmas!

I love your product and your mission. How can I help?

Tell everyone you know about our Kickstarter! The sooner we reach our goal, the sooner Skinny Paw will be on a store shelf near you.